People continue to ask me about health issues and why Black Americans’ health is inferior to every other racial or ethnic group. My podcast Better Black Health covers many of these important topics. Many believe the environmental dynamics of being Black drives up our blood pressure, increase our risk for cancer, and make us struggle with our weight and diabetes. There are physiological explanations for the continuous “stress” African Americans feel due to ongoing oppression.

Dr. Constance Hilliard asserts that we are descendants of African farmers that lived in low salt regions with no dairy and we were genetically modified to best survive there. By moving us to North America, we are now exposed to thing our bodies had never seen.

We cover health topics that discuss nutrition and cancer prevention.

We talk about Black men and how to empower them.

The Better Black Health podcast is on Apple, and also on Spreaker and Spotify to allow easy access to this vital information.

Why do African Americans have a greater cancer risk with smoking . . . and why do so many smoke menthol cigarettes? There is a potential genetic reason behind this huge disparity. And stopping smoking was much harder when there was a household partner or family member who still smoked.

What is the secret sauce for health disparities?  How can we finally make a difference? 

Why do Blacks distrust healthcare providers (doctors, NPs, etc.) at such a high rate? How does our history with medical providers drive this dysfunctional relationship? We also looked at diabetes, obesity, STDs, bias, and a whole lot more as it relates to African American health and ways to Better Black Health.

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