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Dr. Greg HallGreg Hall, MD, is a primary care physician practicing in Cleveland, Ohio for over 20 years. A native Clevelander, he attended Cleveland Public Schools until he was given a scholarship to attend University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio. After high school, he attended Williams College (ranked the number 1 liberal arts college in the country by US News) and majored in psychology while taking pre-med coursework.

Williams ranked number 1After graduation from Williams College with a bachelor's degree in psychology, and working summers as a research assistant at the Cleveland Clinic, he attended the Medical College of Ohio, and completed residency in Internal Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

cropped-banner-CWRU-building-photoDr. Greg Hall has a dual appointment on the teaching faculty at Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Medicine as Associate Professor of both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medical Sciences.  He also has an Assistant Clinical Professor appointment at CWRU School of Medicine.  He has co-chaired the City of Cleveland’s Public Health Advisory Committee, and co-chaired the leadership board of Steps to a Healthier Cleveland which oversaw health awareness and improvement activities throughout the area.

In 2002, Dr. Hall received a governor’s appointment to the Ohio Commission on Minority Health and served as Chairman until the fall of 2018.  In 2004, Dr. Hall was appointed to chair the Cleveland Clean Indoor Air committee which spear-headed smoke-free public spaces.  Dr. Greg HallIn January of 2008, he was appointed to Ohio Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee and served on its executive committee.


In 2010, he was appointed to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health which oversees Ohio's largest county's broad range of quality driven public health programs and services.

And in the post-acute community, he acts as the Medical Director of:

  • University Manor Nursing FacilityDr. Greg Hall
  • The Willows Nursing Facility
  • Crawford Manor Nursing Facility
  • Eliza Bryant Village

He has lectured on various topics ranging from hypertension to permanent body art . . . to health disparities, but his latest passion is to improve the general public's knowledge about the important differences in the medical care of African Americans.

His book titled "Patient-Centered Clinical Care for African Americans: A Concise, Evidence-Based Guide to Important Differences and Better Outcomes" has just been released by Springer International Publishing. The book is an easy-to-read guide outlining specific differences in communication, clinical therapies, medications, protocols, and other critical approaches to the care of African Americans. The book discusses a wide range of disorders impacting African Americans and takes a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to the clinical support of providers that see African American patients. 

Starting in July 2020, Dr. Hall became a featured speaker for Pri-Med, a national on-line medical education company. His monthly webcast "Bridging the Gap: Conversations with Dr. Hall" discusses current issues in health disparities and best practices in the clinical treatment of African Americans.

Dr. Greg Hall

An avid writer, Dr. Hall's article "Are pop stars destined to die young?" was wildly successful making him Case Western Reserve University's top-rated authors on The Conversation with multiple republications including CNN, the Medical Daily, and the Associated Press . . . and with well over 200,000 reads.

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Important Differences

There are important differences in the medical care of African Americans that can impact health and recovery. To ignore them is simply unacceptable.
Greg Hall, MD