Dr. Greg Hall

Physician, Public Health Leader, Medical Educator, and Expert in African American Health
Committed to erasing disparities in health one patient at a time.

A native of Cleveland, Dr. Greg Hall is a Cleveland Clinic-trained internal medicine specialist who brings a patient-centered approach to his practice, providing exceptional care to adults of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

Better Black Health Podcast
GNetX Sequence Multivitamins

He is the author of “Patient-Centered Clinical Care for African Americans: A Concise, Evidence-Based Guide to Important Differences and Better Outcomes.”

The book, written for medical providers and the first of its kind, gives best practices in clinical care for African Americans.

Dr. Greg Hall has a dual appointment on the teaching faculty at Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Medicine as Associate Professor of both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medical Sciences.  He also has an Assistant Clinical Professor appointment at CWRU School of Medicine.

In 2002, Dr. Hall received a governor’s appointment to the Ohio Commission on Minority Health and served as Chairman until the fall of 2018.  He also serves on Ohio Medicaid’s Medical Care Advisory Committee.

In 2010, he was appointed to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, which oversees Ohio’s 2nd largest county’s public health programs and services. In 2020, he began serving as the board’s president leading the county through a world-wide pandemic.

He has lectured on various topics ranging from hypertension to health disparities, but his latest passion is to improve the general public’s knowledge about the important differences, and needs, in the health care of African Americans.

A Multivitamin for African Americans

Dr. Hall’s extensive research in the care of African Americans led to the development of a patent-pending multivitamin designed to best supplement African American needs. He established VitaCode, LLC, and began selling GNetX Sequence Multivitamins as a landmark in next-generation nutraceuticals.

By recognizing the unique supplement needs of African Americans, including more vitamin D, C, and certain minerals, as well as recognizing the potential harm that other vitamins may pose like vitamin E, he was able to establish a multivitamin that best serves the Black community.

A National Speaker

Dr. Hall is a featured speaker and a member of the advisory board for Pri-Med, a national medical education company. Addressing physicians in primary care from across the country, he covers an array of health equity topics and is a featured speaker at major conferences.

His webcast “Bridging the Gap: Conversations with Dr. Hall” discusses current issues in health disparities and best practices in the clinical treatment of African Americans. His lectures are well-received and have covered a host of topics, including COVID-19 health disparities and vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Hall established the National Institute for African American Health, which is a nonprofit designed to promote health-related education, support students interested in a career in medicine, and serve as an advocate for African American patients. He currently serves as NIAAH’s board chairman.

Dr. Hall also hosts the podcast “Better Black Health,” where he interviews guests with unique perspectives regarding health in the Black community. From plastic surgery to alternative medicines, Better Black Health strives to improve the health literacy of its listeners.

An avid writer, Dr. Hall’s article “Are pop stars destined to die young?” was wildly successful making him one of Case Western Reserve University’s top-rated author on The Conversation with multiple republications, including CNN, the Medical Daily, and the Associated Press . . . and with well over 200,000 reads.

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