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Cleveland African American Physician

Cleveland African American PhysicianIf you are looking for a Cleveland African American Physician, look no further . . . Dr. Gregory L. Hall is the premier choice in Northeast Ohio. As a specialist in Internal Medicine, he sees patients age 18 and up.  We’ll see you quickly, most of the time within the week.

Internal Medicine is a primary care specialty for adults and Dr. Hall sees patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, headaches, dementia, and much more. He will be on your side . . . and has a special ability to explain complicated diseases and conditions.

African Americans have particularly severe problems with hypertension, strokes, obesity, and heart disease . . . and also have slightly different needs in the clinical care of these disorders.  Having the expertise and cultural competence in the care of African Americans is Dr. Hall’s specialty, and he is currently writing a book on the special needs of this population.

Born and raised in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood, Dr. Hall is very familiar with the medical resources available in Northeast Ohio and refers to specialists in their field from across the region.

Cleveland African American PhysicianHe also understands the issues specific to the African American Community and makes an extra effort to establish trust, and diagnose and treat these conditions before they can cause harm.

Dr. Hall’s sees patients at his office at 464 Richmond Road at the corner of Richmond and Highland Road in Richmond Heights, Ohio.

Trained at the world famous Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Hall provides up-to-date medical care in a family-like environment. Caring and comical, you will feel immediately at home with Dr. Hall and his staff.

Most insurances are excepted, and we provide a sliding scale for uninsured patients who qualify.

Call the office of Gregory L. Hall, MD for an appointment, and we will see you real soon.

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About Dr Greg Hall

Greg Hall, MD is a physician, author, speaker, inventor, professor, and public health professional, specializing in urban health and the clinical care of African Americans. Dr. Hall’s extensive research in the care of African Americans lead to the development of Sequence Multivitamins a supplement developed to support African American needs. Most recently, Dr. Hall established the National Institute for African American Health, which is a nonprofit designed to promote health-related education, support students interested in a career in medicine, and serve as an advocate for African American patients. You can keep in touch with Dr. Hall by tuning into his Better Black Health Podcast where he covers Black American health topics.
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  1. Dr. Greg Hall do you have White Patients ?
    Why are most African American men and women refuse to be Medical Doctors in America !
    I live in Cleveland, Ohio on the West of Cleveland ,Ohio zip code 44135 and I never see Black Medical Doctors. at Southwest General Hospital, Fairview Hospital. Lakewood Hospital, St. Johns Hospital, Metro Health Hospital.
    In addition, I never see Black Medical Doctors at Cleveland Clinic ,Ohio . Main Campus Euclid Area.
    Where are the African American Doctors on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio.
    Are White Americans afraid and scare of a Black Medical Doctors to care for them? I am age 70, and have had years of Hospital visits living here in Cleveland Ohio for 48 years.

    1. Thanks for the note. I have many white (and other race) patients. I personally know physicians of all races at the hospitals you’ve listed. I trained at Cleveland Clinic main campus with many other African American physicians. Sorry we never ran into you while you were at these hospitals . . . but we’re here. Thanks again for visiting my site.

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