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Sees Jehovah’s Witness Patients

Treats Jehovah's Witness Patients

Doctor Treats Jehovah’s Witness Patients

Dr. Greg Hall treats Jehovah’s Witness patients for a variety of disorders for over the last 20 years. While treating many families, Dr. Hall understands and respects Jehovah Witnesses’ beliefs as it relates to blood product use, and will vehemently defend their wishes to avoid blood and blood products, while exploring all of the many options that are available instead of transfusions. 

Other than avoiding transfusions, Jehovah’s Witnesses want and expect the best medical care with the latest clinical interventions available.

“Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Jehovah Witnesses are a great diverse community of friends, and I am honored that so many are my loyal patients.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses expect the same high clinical standards as any other religion, their only expectation is the exclusion of blood product use. With modern medicine and incredible advances, the avoidance of blood products does not complicate the healing process in any way. And with blood borne infections as they are, the risk – benefit of any one transfusion can easily be debated.

Knowing a patient’s wishes in advance allows sufficient time for planning and proper clinical management in any case.  The national drive toward “patient-centered care” stresses putting the patient, and their wishes and preferences, at the center of  the medical decision-making process.

“Avoidance of blood does not tie a physicians hands any more than the physician allows.”  

Greg Hall, MD

Sees Jehovah’s Witness PatientsJehovah’s Witnesses and blood avoidance . . . WHY?

This is a religious issue and NOT a medical or clinical issue. Both the Old and New Testaments have references to “abstain from blood.” (Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10; Deuteronomy 12:23; Acts 15:28, 29) Historically (and in the bible), blood has repeatedly been seen as “representing life.” (Leviticus 17:14) Jehovah’s Witnesses avoid taking blood not only in obedience to God, but also out of respect for him as the Giver of life.

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About Dr Greg Hall

Greg Hall, MD is a physician, author, speaker, inventor, professor, and public health professional, specializing in urban health and the clinical care of African Americans. Dr. Hall’s extensive research in the care of African Americans lead to the development of Sequence Multivitamins a supplement developed to support African American needs. Most recently, Dr. Hall established the National Institute for African American Health, which is a nonprofit designed to promote health-related education, support students interested in a career in medicine, and serve as an advocate for African American patients. You can keep in touch with Dr. Hall by tuning into his Better Black Health Podcast where he covers Black American health topics.
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