Cleveland Clean Indoor Air Committee 2004

Early in Dr. Hall’s public health career, he was chosen to chair the Cleveland Clean Indoor Air Committee under Mayor Jane Campbell.  At the time, the issue was very controversial, but as time passed, people have accepted clean indoor air as a way of life. And the smoking rate has drooped from 42% in the 1960’s to an all-time low of 15% currently with more planning to quit.

Here is an article in the Toledo Blade in 2004.

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Is tattoo removal for you?


Laser Tattoo removal is not for everyone. Some people will make an unwanted tattoo worse by having laser treatments.  Evaluate your situation closely and ask a lot of questions including:

  • How will my skin color effect the outcome?
  • Can you guarantee the tattoo will be completely gone?
  • How will the colors in my tattoo be effected?
  • How will any health problems or allergies effect my outcome?
  • How will smoking effect the tattoo removal process?
  • What can you do to minimize the pain during the treatment?