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Teens Tattoos Piercings Front Cover aGreg Hall MD“Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings: The health and social impact of permanent body art” is a middle school health education supplement.

The book is designed to be a supplement to a health education curriculum and ideally takes between two and four classroom sessions to review and discuss. The book is 88 pages long, but has over 100 full color photos designed to encourage the young reader to “turn every page” and read in one to two sittings.


Edited by an English instructor to the 7th grade level, the book includes information on the history of tattoos, the nature of fads, peer pressure, the skin as a major organ, the content of inks, the many complications of permanent body art, and much more. By design, the book never says “tattoos are stupid” or “avoid body art,” but the text clearly lists the numerous considerations involved, and the overall gravity of the decision.


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The book can be purchased on Amazon. Or the e-book can be purchased at Shoulditattoo.com

Because of the popularity of tattoos and piercings, teens get very excited by this book and its photos. Because of my role as a primary care physician and a member of the public health community, the information in the book is all based on scientific evidence and fact. The accompanied Teachers Guide allows for LiveJournal, home study, reflection, and evaluation of information learned, while also somewhat standardizing the curriculum across classrooms.

Teacher Guide Front Cover
This is the Teacher’s Manual.


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There are important differences in the medical care of African Americans that can impact health and recovery. To ignore them is simply unacceptable.
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