Not Owned by a Hospital


Private Practice Physician

As one of the few primary care physicians whose practice is not owned by a hospital system, Dr. Hall can afford you the best of each of Cleveland’s premiere hospitals, without “being forced” to use any particular system more than another.  If you need a difficult cardiac surgery, you will be referred to Cleveland Clinic which is world renowned for all procedures related to the heart.

UH SeidmanPatients with cancer are normally sent to University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center which has a long history of providing the absolute latest and greatest in cancer treatments. MetroTrauma after-care or rehabilitation after a stroke are referred to the MetroHealth system. And finally, obesity, weight loss, routine cardiac care, and geriatric care are best treated at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center where individualized care is best delivered.  

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If you have a hospital system you prefer . . . no problem, Dr. Hall works well with all of the hospitals!